Creative Services

  • Our TV promos make your shows get noticed.
  • Our enhanced content elevates the home entertainment experience.
  • Our movie trailers capture the heart of great filmmaking and marketing.
  • Our digital content connects viewers everywhere.
  • Our mobile creative keeps it fast and fun.
  • Our radio spots excite and inform.

Production Services

We offer a full range of production services in our state of the art facility. From Hi Def Nitris Suites and DVD authoring to ISDN and voice casting, DG Entertainment is your destination for any post production needs.

TVPro CMS™ and MoviePro CMS™ Content Management Systems

Our proprietary TVPro CMS™ and MoviePro CMS™ content management systems are both patented and trademarked.

Recognized for their unique ability to manage the content of Hollywood, these revolutionary systems have been used by all six major studios to catalogue hundreds of thousands of clips for the Movie and TV industry’s biggest franchises. TVPro CMS™ and MoviePro CMS™ provide unlimited new ways to monetize all existing and new content.

TVPro CMS™ and MoviePro CMS™ systems are fully customized to meet the needs of each individual client. We edit and prep the content for each system we build. These user friendly systems provide quick and detailed search of content in an online environment to streamline the editing process. Everything you need to catalogue clips into multiple projects that can instantly be loaded into an Avid or Final Cut Pro is now at your fingertips.

In addition, TVPro CMS™ and MoviePro CMS™ are bringing the world of branded entertainment to an entirely new level. Now contextual based clips can be easily matched to a particular advertiser creating branded entertainment opportunities never before possible.

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